Wondering, what could be the benefits of using bulk sms? What do i have to gain from using bulk sms ? here are  list of advantages using  bulksms offers.

  1. SMS is Personal . The message is literally delivered directly into the hands of the recipients.
  2. Bulk SMS can be used to interact with customers and also get feed back from them which enables fast problem solving and efficient communication.
  3. Messages can be sent out efficiently to a targeted group.
  4. SMS can be sent to individuals or groups at a minimal cost.
  5. SMS can be forwarded and also saved for future use
  6. SMS can be easily tracked using the delivery reports.  it enables you  see which messages were delivered to which mobile numbers and which were undelivered
  7. SMS messages can be scheduled to deliver at a particular date and time.
  8. Your message gets across in 160 characters or less. Expedient
  9. Bulk SMS can be sent from your computer or mobile phones
  10. Cheaper than a phone call and also minimizes time spent on phone calls
  11. Email/computer is not always readily available, individuals are more likely to receive and read an SMS than an email. The chances the recipient receiving and reading the message is very high.
  12. More people have access to a mobilephone than they do the internet.



Benefits of using bulk sms

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